How to stay motivated/Hamesha motivated kaise rahe: the only thing you have to do

How to stay motivated/Hamesha motivate kaise rahe

How to stay motivated/Hamesha motivate kaise rahe
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Often a question arises in the minds of people that how can always be motivated, many times people have asked me how to be always motivated, so let me tell you some things today that will keep you motivated all the time. you should read till the end

First of all, let us start by getting up early in the morning, so how to get up early in the morning is a big problem, especially for students, let me tell you that you will definitely read this post till the end.

1. To get up early in the morning, we need that when we go to bed at night, we should take into our mind all the goals that we have to fulfill and think before bed how these goals will be fulfilled? And I will wake up early in the morning, repeat this thing again in mind, believe that you will get up before the alarm.

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How to stay motivated which is another thing in this today’s topic that is:

2. We should tell our goal and find new ways to achieve our goal and just think about our goal all the time how to complete it and the rest of the baton is ignored here.

And now I am going to tell you a story that is a very important episode of this topic of How to stay motivated. Read it, it is definitely a solution to this question that How to stay motivated
So this incident is the life of our famous philosopher Socrates:
How to stay motivated/Hamesha motivate kaise rahe,Socrates quotes
Socrates Quotes

3. When a child came to Socrates and asked How to stay motivated? I can do anything and I have full faith in myself but I forget my goal and my motivation is lost, Because of which I have not been able to do anything for my goal, then tell me that How to stay motivated, in other words, that child said that what is the key to success, Socrates dipped that child in water The child collapsed but Socrates did not remove the child from the water and the child kept trying hard but could not do anything. When Socrates thought that the child was now about to die, Socrates let the child out of the water and the child was out of water. Socrates then drained water from the child's body then asked the child, son, when you were dying underwater, what was the most needed, the child said, "Breath, then Socrates replied that there is no chance of success." Socrates replied that there is no key to success. The day you feel that your goal is as important as you needed to breathe today, then on that day, you will not need any key to success or any kind of mantra.
Ultimately, if we consider our goal as essential as water, air, food, then we will surely succeed.
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