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Perfect ! Real Definition (is it fair to say it a word)

Perfect ! Real Definition (is it fair to say it a word)

    Perfect! What does this mean?

    "Something free from faults."
    Complete and correct in every way, the best possible type or any work is done
    without fault or if a human being is called/ In which there is no fault of any kind.
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    Is it just a word? 

    Which we all have been listening to since our childhood, but is it really fair to just

    say it a word only?

    Have you ever noticed the evil word?

    Do you know that this word (Perfect) is your biggest enemy?

    So let me tell you what exactly this word is and how it can affect your lifestyle.

    As an example, if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend. He/she will tell you "You are
    perfect.",You perfectly do all your works. Bla Bla Bla.....

    But you ask yourself, Is it true?

    Close your eyes and think of a work which has done very well by you recently.

    Now think is it really perfect?

     Who calls you Perfect?


    The person who calls you (Perfect) can be your ultimate friend. He can be your

    He can be someone from your Family. But if someone calls you Perfect, would
    it is appropriate?

    Often our love considers us as perfect

    What would you say to the person who gave you the tag of perfect?

    A. Would it be fair to say your well-wisher?

    B. Would it be fair to say your enemy?

    Ans-So the answer to both these questions is, No

    Let me tell you that the person who gives you the tag of Perfect can neither be
    called your enemy nor can be your well-wisher or a loved one.
     Now this question must have come in your mind that what shall we say to him?

    1. Can that person be called the enemy of our success

    2. Can that person be called our true well-wisher?

    What can be the answer to this?

    If that person is a member of your family, you cannot call him an enemy of your
    success because no one in your family would ever want to make you fail or

    who is the enemy,real enemy,perfect,perfection
    Who is the enemy?
    Now the question comes, who is the enemy?

    So you are your enemy and not someone else if someone gives you the tag of
    Perfect and you are happy with that and you make your thoughts stream such
    that you do everything perfectly or do it correctly. Suppose you are your own
    worst enemy because you have given a "Perfect" word which is your enemy
    and you have given it a place in your mind and that word has replaced you and
    has given birth to your ego, Who is your enemy? Definitely you.

    1. How can we avoid this word-like devil?
    2. What’s your opinion about the word perfect? 
    3. How has this word "Perfect" affected your life and how can?

    Share it and discuss it with your friends and comment below your answers.


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